"If you want to see something happening right now that happened here two hundred million years ago, you can see it all in Nevada." - John McPhee, Basin and Range

About Basin and Range

Hiker at dawnIf you want to see something happening right now what happened here two hundred million years ago, you can see it all in Nevada.
– John McPhee, Basin and Range

The Garden and Coal Valleys of Nevada are distinguished by their remoteness and pristine condition. As part of America’s “Great Basin,” these valleys are some of the region’s best examples of basins framed by mountain ranges.

person next to petroglyphsHistory & Culture
This area contains numerous objects of national significance including: Native American trails, rock shelters, lithic scatters, and a site that could yield important new information about early peoples in the Great Basin; the White River Narrows Archeological District (in 1976 this petroglyph-rich area was added to the National Register of Historic Places); and 19th Century settlement sites along with ranching and mining sites.

AntelopePlant and Wildlife Habitat
There are also many important biological and scientific objects of importance in this area including pronghorn and elk, the Greater Sage-grouse, Pygmy rabbits, and the White River Catseye plant—a species that is at risk and found only in Nevada.

Uniquely American Landscape Art
Set within this amazing landscape is a monumental work of art, City.

With a relationship to the earliest archeological sites that are inextricably linked to the landscape, City cannot be experienced within a museum. Its timeless, awe-inspiring forms will stand as one of the most remarkable and famous American monuments of our time.

The artist Michael Heizer chose the site for its remote location, severe beauty, profound silence and its naturally available materials. Museums, foundations, and private philanthropists have helped to purchase parcels of land around the sculpture in an ongoing effort to preserve Coal and Garden Valleys and to safeguard the area’s isolated environment among the surrounding federal lands. The Worthington Mountains (including the aptly named “Leviathan Cave”, Golden Gate Range, and Mt. Irish provide an incredibly, scenic and remote backdrop for City. These mountain ranges include wilderness areas, and incredible opportunities for recreation.

Unspoiled Valleys
Most of the conservation in the Great Basin region encompasses the “range” portion, and not the “basin.” Protecting Coal and Garden Valleys will safeguard some of the most unspoiled valleys in all of the Great Basin, protecting an intact basin and range landscape while ensuring an important and uniquely American work of art can be enjoyed by generations to come.