"If you want to see something happening right now that happened here two hundred million years ago, you can see it all in Nevada." - John McPhee, Basin and Range


art sculpture

“The theory is is that art and land are the things that have the greatest value and here you have both art and land. If either is excusable then neither is worth really very much.” – Michael Heizer

It is broadly known that the West’s open, protected, scenic landscapes set America apart. We are pioneers in landscape conservation and land art – the two are linked and distinctively American.

Michael Heizer’s land art project ‘City’ is located within the Basin and Range region – providing a chance to experience a uniquely American sculpture set within a uniquely American landscape.


Michael Heizer’s artwork City, in Garden Valley, southeastern Nevada, is monumental by design. The sculpture, which measures more than a mile in length and a quarter mile in width, comprises earthen mounds and pits, cinder-dyed cement slopes, and huge geometric cement forms that capture shifting sun and shadows. The primitive forms create a large, sunken plaza reminiscent at once of the national mall in Washington and large Mesoamerican ruins such as Chichén Itzá or Teotihuacán in Mexico while also reflecting the most modern building technologies.


From atop the architectural elements and from various other spots in the artwork, the surrounding desert landscape is clearly visible, its foreboding remoteness and harsh desert elements adding to the visitor’s experience of the sculpture.

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