"If you want to see something happening right now that happened here two hundred million years ago, you can see it all in Nevada." - John McPhee, Basin and Range

Leviathan Cave

Leviathan_Cave2-photo-credit-Jim_BooneThe Basin and Range conservation proposal includes diverse and unique geology including Leviathan Cave in the Worthington Mountains. The extremely steep, craggy Worthington Range thrusts to a height of 8,850 feet. It is a geologically complex range, formed by fault thrusting and consisting of limestone, sedimentary and granitic rocks.

Its Ordovician limestone rocks shelter three caves at least 100 feet deep, the largest of which – the Leviathan Cave -has been deemed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to offer outstanding opportunities for spelunking. Hiking to the cave is rugged, and people then down climb or use ropes to rappel the 15 or so vertical feet to go in and explore it.

Leviathan_Cave-photo-credit-Jim_BooneThe BLM estimates there to be high potential for the discovery of additional caves.